Progress Highlights By Outcome

During 2016–2017, Pacific Women funded 14 activities that have a primary focus on women’s leadership and decision making. They account for approximately seven per cent of program funding with five focusing on national-level, two on local-level and five on community-level leadership. Through the activities, 4,049 women were supported to take on leadership roles at community, provincial and national-level. Civic and voter education reached a further 36,426 people.

This year, Pacific Women supported 25 activities with a primary focus on women’s economic empowerment. Women and girls benefited in a variety of ways, including 3,155 women accessing financial literacy training and financial services, and 58 obtaining formal qualifications that enables them to access the formal labour market, increases their marketability and hopefully benefit from expanded employment opportunities as a result.

Efforts are continuing across the region to end violence against women. Because of the extent of the problem, activities aimed at ending violence against women account for 45 per cent of program funding. This also recognises that violence against women detrimentally impacts other aspects of women’s lives.

During 2016–2017, Pacific Women funded 38 activities under the Enhancing Agency outcome, equating to around 14 per cent of total program funding. Benefits of these activities included 880 women having formal opportunities to share ideas and learn from each other through participation in research, learning and networking activities and forums supported by Pacific Women.