Key Forums and Events

Pacific Women acknowledges the work of all its partners in convening stakeholder groups, large and small, for various activities over the course of 2016. The key forums and events listed below represent particularly significant stakeholder gatherings, held at both national and regional level, supported by Pacific Women in 2016.

Papua New Guinea Women’s Forum, Port Moresby, PNG
Co-hosted by the Embassy of the United States in PNG and the Department for Community Development, the forum brought together women from all over the country to focus on advancing gender justice and economic opportunities for women.

Regional Human Rights and Media Forum, Nadi, Fiji
Co-hosted by SPC RRRT with partners Pacific Media Assistance Scheme, Pacific Island News Association and the University of the South Pacific School of Journalism, the forum brought together editors, journalists and government communication personnel to explore the theme of: ‘Enhancing a Human Rights-based Approach to News Reporting’.

4th Pacific Women Advisory Board Meeting, Apia, Samoa
The Board members met to review and discuss progress across the portfolio of Pacific Women activities, endorsed the program’s First Progress Report 2012–2015, heard presentations on program activities in Samoa and considered priorities for the remainder of the year.

4th Pacific Women Parliamentary Partnerships Project Annual Forum, Apia, Samoa
Co-hosted by the Parliament of Samoa and the PWPP Project, the Forum focused on the theme ‘Exploring Women’s Economic Empowerment’ and provided an opportunity for over 60 parliamentarians from across the region to network.

Bridging the Gap Forum hosted by Uniting World, Suva, Fiji
The forum brought together faith-based organisations, churches and secular human rights agencies such as the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre and FemLINKPACIFIC to discuss ways to work together towards gender equality and reducing violence against women in the Pacific.

Pacific Women Annual Partner Workshop, Port Moresby, PNG
This event brought together 101 participants over a three-day period to review progress in implementation of Pacific Women activities in PNG, consider lessons for improvement and support for the future.

Pacific Gender Research Symposium and Workshop, Suva, Fiji
Co-hosted by the University of the South Pacific and Pacific Women, the Symposium and Workshop considered the findings and recommendations of the Pacific Gender Research Scoping Study and proposed priority actions for progressing Pacific-led gender research.

Regional Training Program, Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre, Suva, Fiji
This FWCC flagship training program provides a month of learning on gender, violence against women, human rights, relevant legislation, advocacy tools and approaches to addressing violence. In 2016, 39 participants from a range of government, national and regional organisations working on violence against women in the Pacific graduated from the 35th edition of the program.

2nd Pacific Women Program Management Committee Meeting, Suva, Fiji
The Program Management Committee, which includes representatives from DFAT, the Pacific Women Support Unit and a member of the Advisory Board, met to review program progress against the annual work plan and consider key risks that could impact program effectiveness.

DFAT Gender Focal Points Meeting, Suva, Fiji
The meeting brought together DFAT Gender Focal Points from the region to increase understanding of Pacific Women’s strategic direction and its connections with country plans, the services of the Support Unit, program reporting requirements and to share experiences from the past year of implementation to inform future planning.

7th Regional Meeting of the Pacific Women’s Network Against Violence against Women, Sigatoka, Fiji
The seventh meeting of the Pacific Women’s Network Against Violence against Women, which was formed in 1992, brought together 70 women and men activists and advocates from across the region to share progress and lessons learned in their efforts to address gender-based violence and human rights.

SASA47 Training for Pacific Women Partners, Port Moresby, PNG
In collaboration with Raising Voices and UN Women, this training event was held to introduce this well-known model of primary prevention to Pacific Women partners in PNG and civil society representatives from Fiji, Kiribati, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

The Road to Change: A Pacific Regional Consultation on Prevention of Violence against Women and Girls, Nadi, Fiji
Facilitated by UN Women, the meeting brought together practitioners and experts from across the Pacific island region, the United States, Australia and Uganda to share knowledge and current approaches to violence prevention, strengthen understanding of a transformational approach to violence prevention and develop principles to guide Primary Prevention work in the Pacific.

Practice and Policy in the Prevention of Violence against Women and Children, International Conference, Adelaide, Australia
In collaboration with Australian Women Against Violence Association, Our Watch, Women’s Services Network and UN Women, Pacific representatives were supported to attend this international event which focused on violence prevention, including in low resource settings, drawing on current research and strategies that highlight the need to address structures, norms and practices that drive and reinforce violence against women.

5th Pacific Women Advisory Board Meeting, Canberra, Australia
Board members will meet to review program progress including consideration of the Annual Progress Report 2015–2016, and to discuss and inform the strategic direction of the program through review of the ‘Roadmap’ to guide future investments of Pacific Women.

47SASA! (The Kiswahili word for ‘now’) seeks to change underlying social norms and attitudes that hinder gender equality and has been proven to work in parts of Africa and around the world to prevent gender-based violence.